This past Friday, May 2nd, SLUSH magazine held their annual World Quarterpipe Championships at Mammoth Mountain. A 28 foot behemoth of a quarterpipe sat at the bottom of the hill for world class snowboarders to charge full speed at and huck their highest airs and gnarliest transition tricks.

As always, we here at Nixon supplied the "Best Time" award. No, it has nothing to do with who went the fastest, but rather who had the most fun at the event. This year, the "Best Time" award went to Raibu Katayama as well as Nixon legacy rider, Shannon Dunn. Congrats to both of these insane rippers and thank you for bringing such a passionate spirit to the event!

SLUSH World Quarterpipe Championships 2024 Photos

Shannon Dunn snowboarding at SLUSH 2024

Rider: Shannon Dunn // Photo: Mary Walsh

Noah Avallone snowboarding at SLUSH 2024

Rider: Noah Avallone // Photo: Mary Walsh

Jill Perkins snowboarding at SLUSH 2024

Rider: Jill Perkins // Photo: Mary Walsh

Shannon Dunn and Raibu Katayama receiving the Best Time awards at SLUSH 2024

Nixon Best Time Winners: Shannon Dunn & Raibu Katayama // Photo: Mary Walsh

Front of Nixon 51-30 SLUSH trophy watch

Back of Nixon 51-30 SLUSH trophy watch