Surf watches are built to be tough. They’re water-resistant, packed with features and reliable. They go where you go and help you out during crunch time.

But that doesn’t mean they’re invincible!

If you just purchased a new Nixon Surf watch (or have one that’s on the fritz), here are some key care tips you’ll want to make sure you understand to make your watch last!

5 Tips for Making Your Nixon Surf Watch Last

1. Rinse After Each Session

Rinsing salt off your surfboard and wetsuit after each session in the water is a given. But salt water can also wreak havoc on Surf watches. Yes, the best Surf watches are built to be water-resistant, but occasionally some of that salt water can breach the watch case and cause problems internally.

The best way to care for your Surf watch is to carefully rinse it with fresh water as you would rinse off any other surf gear!

2. Be Careful with Sand

Watch out when you’re going for that beach volleyball dive. Like salt water, too much sand can cause problems. On Nixon Surf watches like the Base Tide Pro, sand can get stuck in the buttons and jam them. Rinsing can help, but you should also try to avoid getting your watch super sandy.

3. Avoid Wax on the Watch

Wax your board, not your watch. Wax can cause similar issues to Surf watch buttons that sand can. When waxing your board, be careful not to get too much on your watch as it could potentially jam up your pushers.

4. Gradual Shift from Hot to Cold

Be cautious with your Nixon Surf watch when the surf is particularly cold. Big swings from hot to cold or vice versa can create changes can cause the rubber gaskets to swell and shrink. And this could lead to water getting inside your watch.

Going from the water to the sauna? Take your Surf watch off after getting out of the water and let its temperature change more gradually.

Surfer John John Florence sits in the water and uses his Nixon Surf watch

5. Don’t Push Buttons Underwater

Poseidon has to draw the line somewhere. Surfers wear their Surf and Tide watches on the water for a multitude of reasons. But when it comes to operating those watches on the water, we highly recommend you do not push any buttons while the watch is submerged.

This can cause water to penetrate and damage the watch. Instead, make sure your watch is above the water when operating the pushers.