Closeup detail shot of Nixon x Rolling Stones Primacy


Made for the tastefully distinguished professional with an eye for detail, the Rolling Stones Primacy weaves together rock and roll with artsy yet elevated style. A woven dial on the Primacy features the Rolling Stones Tongue in intricate detail, bringing a crafty vintage look into contemporary ingenuity and design cues. Only 250 made, individually numbered.

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Closeup detail shot of Nixon x Rolling Stones 51-30


Neon sign font, the classic Tongue, and a rock-and-roll subdial—the Rolling Stones 51-30 is loaded with quality tones. The watch’s stainless-steel bracelet features etching designed to mimic the look of guitar amp grill cloth. You can nearly hear the Stones’ early London club shows with this one. 

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Closeup detail shot of Nixon x Rolling Stones Red Time Teller

Time Teller

An icon of Nixon heritage riffs with the legacy of the Rolling Stones. This red version of the Nixon x Rolling Stones Time Teller features the spiked Tongue, an iconic image from the 1994 album Voodoo Lounge and subsequent tour imagery and merch. 

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Closeup detail shot of Nixon x Rolling Stones Staple


The Rolling Stones Staple stands out in the collection. This razor-thin digital watch uses a pattern found on the album cover of Voodoo Lounge to make its statement. Made from Other Peoples’ Plastic, the Rolling Stones Staple is equal parts eco-conscious and rock and roll. 

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The Nude Bowl Shoot

The session was hot. The weather was heavy. Thunderstorms rolled over the hillside and 100-degree temperatures filled the valley. The crew rolled up for a loud session at Nude Bowl, located deep in the desert east of Los Angeles. What was the occasion? A heavy collab between Nixon and The Rolling Stones.

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